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Australian Ostrich

Um, something came up...

is just one of many vague excuses you won’t be hearing from me.
When we work together, you always know exactly where you stand.

A powerful website turns casual visitors into devotees

Good copy strikes a chord. It resonates. It's memorable.
I've been honored to see what that can do for my web copy clients.
You next? 

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Here's how the magic happens



The awkward intro (like, we don’t really know each other but our moms said we should hang out).

You fill out a form and tell me about your project. I get back to you with an approximate price range and we schedule an only-mildly-awkward 15-minute call.
If we’re a good fit, I send you a proposal with a finalized price and timeline for your project.
After a deposit, we dance our way to Step 2, a little less awkwardly.



Before I can write mega on-brand copy and content for you, I’ll need a bit of info in the form of:

  • a questionnaire

  • a 45-minute discovery call

  • contact info for a few of your customers to provide insight into your target audience

You’re also invited to send me past projects and links to resources you love, especially if we’re doing your about page.


You relax. I churn out the first draft.

Once I have everything I need, I retreat into my research cave to learn everything I can about your brand, your audience, and your industry. When I’m confident I’ve nailed the right voice for your project, I hammer out a solid first draft and send it your way.


Revise and perfect.

You suggest revisions, I make them. We repeat if needed (each project includes 2 rounds of revisions). Perfection is attained. We radiate joy and slap each other a virtual high five.


We say bye-bye and reminisce about the good times.​

May we join forces in manifesting future abundance.

Translation: Let’s work together again soon!


Hear, hear!


“Orit brings out the best in everyone she works with”

Orit is an amazing writer for all types of content and copy. She is also a great editor. In fact, she is a wonderful person. Receiving feedback from Orit always made me smile and took my work to a higher level. Giving Orit feedback is always a learning experience for me. She is open and receptive in ways I can only aspire to. Orit brings out the best in me and in everyone she works with. If you have a chance to work with her, I highly recommend it. You will become better for it, not just your copy.

Irit Levi


Ready to make the only-mildly-awkward first move?

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