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  • Hannah Lipschutz

How to write subject lines that consistently get your emails opened

Even in an inbox of 999+ unopened emails. Because if it ain't getting opened, it ain't getting read.

FACT: 58% of people check their email first thing in the morning, compared to only 14% who check social media.

Maybe you know that already.

FACT: Every $1 invested in email marketing has an ROI of $44.

Maybe you also know that already.

Maybe you’re totally and completely sold on the fact that email marketing is the way forward for your business because it’s something that gets checked numerous times a day (sometimes even in bed), belongs to you (as opposed to social media), and generates reliable revenue ($1 >> $44).

The problem?

Inboxes are overflowing.

If you want your emails to get opened, they’ve got to stand out.

Even if your content is stellar, it’s going to be the best-kept secret if your subject lines aren’t the knock-your-socks-off type.

Here are three ways to create an open-worthy subject line.

1. Grab their attention

Here’s where you quite literally grab their attention by using one of the following three methods:

✔ Visually-grabbing emojis (💪)

✔ Power words (this is explosive baloney)

✔ Super short subject line (nope)

2. Keep it relevant and straightforward

Here’s where you stay super relevant to the info in the email so that people *know* at a glance if the email is for them. Three ways you can do that:

✔Use numbers (3 things you should add to your morning routine)

✔Lead with ‘why’ (Why your sales calls aren’t working)

✔Go the ‘even-if’ route (How to increase your productivity even if you’re the laziest person on the planet)

3. Invoke old-fashioned curiosity

Here’s where you use an open loop for all the Curious Georges out there. An open-loop subject line does wonders for your open rate because the human brain is wired to demand the info it’s missing.

Three different types:

✔Ask a question (How do you create a scroll-stopping post on social media?)

✔Go in for the weird (Re:re:re:re:re:re:re:re:re spa day?)

✔Make it irresistible (I stole your idea)*

*Caveat for this one: Open loops are great, but not if it’s clickbait. Make sure that the subject line leads into the email and not some random ploy to get people to open the email. Yes, they’ll open this email, but they won’t trust you on further emails.

The key takeaway?

Email marketing works. But to get your email read, you need to first get it opened.

Use one of these methods to create an irresistible subject line and you’re well on your way to profitable email marketing.


Hannah Lipschutz ( is a copywriter and email specialist. She helps growing businesses generate more leads, keep them close, and sell strong. Oh, and she’s also mildly addicted to Haribos. Don’t judge 😉. Take her quiz to find the #1 thing that differentiates your brand from the others.

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