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Here's what I bring to the table. (And why you might care.)


Anthropology degree

Copywriting certification

English teaching degree

Editing certificate

In-house experience


I am a social science geek with a knack for getting people (graduated summa cum laude with top GPA in my class 🤓). Plus, they say anthropologists make the best marketers.

I'm a trained strategist and I know the  method behind the marketing madness. Because copy chops ain't enough. If you want RESULTS, you need strategy.

I know my ABCs! I’ll never make you look bad by splicing a comma or misplacing an apostrophe. Your copy only builds your rep if it’s ridiculously professional. Check.

My fanatical devotion to grammar means you get squeaky clean texts every single time. And the American Copy Editors Society agrees.

I wrote a heckuvalotta copy and content for a wellness startup for 6 years before starting my own business. And I pump all that experience straight into YOUR project.

Hi, I'm Orit.

Sucker for cheesy puns and meticulous rhyming schemes*

*But not the forced kind like where you make “rhyming schemes” rhyme with “baseball teams,” which I was so not considering doing just now.

So not.

Photo credit: Noa Ratinsky

But here's where things get interesting

I believe good copy is a human right. And by golly, I shall get it into the hands of all who need it! That's why I offer 3 copywriting tracks, so you can get fabulous results even if you haven't (yet) made it onto the World's Billionaires List.

I write. 
Classic Copywriting
Perfect if you want it off your hands and done to perfection by a seasoned professional.
You write. I guide.
Copy Critique
Perfect if you're a solid writer who needs help with strategy, structure, and copywriting magic.
You write. I polish.
Copy Punchup
Perfect if you've already written decent copy but want it to go KABOOMSHAKALAKA.

Core values that inform my work

1. Honesty

I value people who value truth. When we work together, there are no tricks or games. I'm always transparent and straight-forward.

2. Authenticity

Our mental energy is far too precious to waste on bending ourselves to impress people who don’t matter, or care. I write copy that captures your brand's uniqueness, so you can be celebrated for who you are. No apologies.

3. Kindness

I appreciate humor that doesn’t come at anyone’s expense and respect people who would rather sit with an awkward silence than say something unkind or judgmental. That’s the party I want to be at. And the attitude I bring to my desk – along with my coffee – every time I sit down to work.

4. Respect

I respect you, your time, and your investment in my work. I meet deadlines. I don't draaaaaag out meetings. I keep you in the loop. And if there's an unforeseen glitch, I communicate about it openly (and hopefully tactfully). 

5. Get-'er-done-ness

I have a rock-solid work ethic and the persistence of a telemarketer at dinnertime.  I'll work my tush off until I'm satisfied with the deliverable and sure you're getting something absolutely brag-to-all-your-friends worthy.

What peeps are sayin'

“A talented writer”

I asked Orit to help me with some proofreading as a favor. What I discovered is that she is a talented writer. I am glad she is sharing her talents in the field with others.

- Rabbi Daniel Mann

Author, Living the Halachic Process

“Kind, easy to work with, approachable”

As my editor, Orit was always kind, easy to work with and approachable. She produces high-quality content and I would work with her again in a heartbeat!

- Miriam Duskis

Art therapist,

“A high-quality end product”

I feel confident offering clients last-minute solutions because I trust Orit to deliver a high-quality end product.

- Hila Zisberg Cohen Gadol

Product Manager, Kulam

I am also...


*to some embarrassing degree

Yallah, let's get this party started

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